After many, many years I was looking for, I finally found the complete score of Concertino Op. 34 by Parish Alvars.
The concertino is a beautiful piece, but only strings with some indications of oboe and flute solos were known. Some harpists (for ex. Marielle Nordmann) released a version for solo strings trying to include the wind solos, but nobody recorded the piece as it was anyway not complete.
Actually I found all the original orchestra parts from Mechetti edition dated 1838.
I had to scan and clean up quite a bit, but i am happy to offer a new original piece for the harp repertoire. You can download the parts in high quality .pdf 
for the symbolic amount of 9.99€. You can pay more if you wish to support my works and research on harp repertoire and new music for Portraits’ Collection project by Amadeus Arte.


Concertino Op. 34. Complete score found