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Portrait by Joseph Kriehuber, Vienna, 1839



A litograph by Muenzer based on Kriehuber’s drawing, 1842 ca.


Melanie Lewy, wife of Parish Alvars. Litograph by Leopold Mueller, 1840 ca.



Elias Parish Alvars’ signature


A letter to August Artaria dated Vienna, January 7th, 1843




Manuscript of Grand Fantasia on Rossini’s Moïse op. 58


The beginning of Impromptu à la fugue for piano op. 70.
The manuscript by Parish Alvars bears a signature and dedication.


Unpublished manuscript of orchestral accompaniment to Grand Fantasia on Donizetti’s Lucrezia Borgia, op. 78, belonging to Floraleda Sacchi’s collection



Manuscript of Concertino in D Minor for two harps or harp and piano and orchestra, op. 91


Cover of Travel of a Harpist in the Orient, op. 62, Mechetti, 1843/46



Cover of Illustrations of German Poetry No. 1 «Traum am Bache» op. 71, Schott, 1844



Cover of Fairies’ Dance op. 76, Boosey, 1846





St. Petersburg in Winter 1831


Istambul in 1830


Vienna in 1838, when Parish Alvars was living there


Vienna, the Hofopertheater in 1837, when Parish Alvars was Solo Harpist there


A train directed to Vienna in 1837.
Parish Alvars travelled with his harp throughout Europe and Near East with coaches and trains.


London in 1841