Beside my articles, I report here interesting material (modern and historical).

Historically I just listed important articles, interviews, reviews, not simple quotes (otherwise list would be 10 times longer).

Some sources (books and encyclopedias) are not listed as well as many articles as they contain just material copied from previous publications without any addtional research and often with the same mistakes repeated.

I also avoided to quote articles full of relevant mistakes, easy to find if reading the historical sources listed below.

During my research I could read also several letters (about 50) spread through European libraries and especially at Rathaus and Musikgesellschaft in Wien. Such letter are not listed here but widely used in my articles and book. Some are reproduced also in the Images section of this website.


I try to keep the list updated. E-mail me if you feel something is missing.


Floraleda Sacchi’s Articles:

– Introduction to Scenes of my Youth (op. 42, 48, 56, 75). Ut Orpheus >>>

– Introduction to Ricordi di Napoli (op. 83, 84, 85, 87). Ut Orpheus >>>

– Itroduction to Grand Fantaisie de bravoure surdes motifs Italiens Op. 57 (known also as Introduction, Cadenza & Rondo). Ut Orpheus >>>

– Introduction to Illustrazioni della poesia Italiana Op. 97Ut Orpheus >>>

– Introduction to Illustration of German Poetry (Op. 71-72)Ut Orpheus >>>

– Introduction to Travels in the Orient (Op. 30, 62). Ut Orpheus >>>

– Elias Parish Alvars. HARPA n. 30, Spring 1999. Read the article>>>

– Elias Parish Alvars’ Article on Wikipedia. EnglishItalian

– My article The composition of Parish Alvars appeared in the American Harp Journal (Winter 2008) was cut and brutally edited by Wenonah Govea and published without my previous approval. As in the article are written in things I would have never written (including mistakes), I suggest to avoid completely this publication.


Important Historical Sources:

Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung, Leipzig 1842 (No. 10 col. 212, No. 27 col. 547, No. 32 col. 621) 1843 (No. 13 col. 250, No. 13 col. 250, No. 17 col. 314, No. 33 col. 633)

Musikalisch-Literarischer Monatsbericht, Leipzig 1836 (July-August) 1838(February, March, April, May) 1839 (January, October-November, December) 1840 (April, May, July) 1842 (April, August) 1843 (January, March, April, May, September, November, December) 1844 (October, November) 1845 (March, April, December) 1846 (April, June, October, November) 1847 (January, February, August, October) 1848 (October)

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik 1842 (June)

Gazzetta musicale di Milano, Milan 1842 (October)

Adolf Bäuerles Allgemeine Theaterzeitung, Vienna 1848 (No. 3, 4th January)

Nicolas Charles Bochsa, Bochsa’s Explanations of his new Harp Effects (London, n.d.).

Alphonse Hasselmans, La harpe et sa technique, included in: Albert Lavignac, Encyclopédie de la musique et dictionnaire du conservatoire. Deuxième partie, Technique, esthétique, pédagogie, vol. 3, Technique instrumentale, Laurencie, 1927

E. Hanslick, Zur Geschichte des Konzertwesens in Wien (Vienna, 1869) A. Dörffel, Geschichte der Gewandhauskonzerte (Leipzig, 1884)

H. Berlioz, Mémoires de Hector Berlioz: comprenant ses voyages en Italie, en Allemagne, en Russie et en Angleterre (Paris, 1903)

H. Berlioz, Grand traité d’instrumentation et d’orchestration modernes Op.10 (Paris, 1843) Letters of Franz Liszt, Haskell house publishers, 1968

The Diary of Robert and Clara Schumann, Oxford University press, 1934

H. Schonberg, The great pianists (London 1963)

F. Adamowsky, Das wiener Hoftheater (Staatstheater) (Vienna, 1975)

Hans Joachim Zingel, Harfenmusik im 19. Jahrhundert: Versuch einer historischen Darstellung(Wilhelmshaven,1976) – a book really full of mistakes on all author treated.

Demokratie der Könige. Die Geschichte der Wiener Philharmoniker (Mainz, 1978)

Biographie Universelle des Musiciens et Bibliographie Générale de la Musique, ed. F. J. Fétis (2nd edn. Paris, 1860)

The Imperial Dictionary of Universal Biography (London, 1857-63)

Biographisches Lexicon des Kaisertums Österreich (Vienna, 1857-92)

Biographisches Lexikon des Kaisertums Österreich XXI, ed. C. von Wurzbach (Vienna, 1870)

Allgemeine deutsche Biographie (Berlin, 1875-1912)

A Handbook of Musical Biography (2nd edn. London, 1887)

British Musical Biography: a Dictionary of Musical Artists, Authors & Composers born in Britain & in colonies (Birmingham, 1897)

British Musical Biography, ed. J. D. Brown, S. S. Stratton (New York, 1971)

Catalogues of the following publishers (from 1820 to 1900): Artaria Boosey Haslinger Kistner Mechetti Ricordi Schott

More Interesting Sources:

Roslin Rensch, Harps and Harpists, Indiana University Press, Bloomington 1989, ISBN 02553349036 A great book on main harpists and harp development, with really few mistakes especially considering the wide area of interests included.

People from Teignmouth, General Books LLC, 2010, ISBN 1155821440

Theodore Albrecht, Melanie Lewy Parish Alvasr: New Discoveries and perceptions, American Harp Journal, Summer 1999

Hugh Macdonald, Beethoven’s century: essays on composers and themes, University of Rochester Press, 2008 Interesting description of how Berlioz in Dresden was more interested in Parish Alavrs playing than in Schumann’s chamber music. On that topic one can read also the diary of Clara Schumann I listed in the historical sources…

Heaven Hui-Wen Fan: Elias Parish Alvars’ New Method for the Harp and the Harp Methods of Bochsa, Dizi, and Labarre, American Harp Journal, Winter 2011 Mrs Hui-Wen Fan quoted my chapter on Parish Alvars’ Method and my transcription and added some interesting comparisons with later harp methods.